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Thursday, August 3, 2017

I found this poem on Pinterest and believe it was first published in 1932.  Many of its sentiments ring true with me,  I do hope my descendants are interested in keeping my quilts.

Sam's family has a new family member and I am a doggy grandma now.  I'm thrilled for Henry and Wil...they are so happy to have their own dog.  This is Zac coming home from the Pawfect Pets Rescue Service foster carer.  Such a cutie and so affectionate and loving.  
He has certainly landed on his puppy feet going to live with the family, everyone loves him.  He is only two and a bit of a scallywag.  I'm sure there will be lots of adventures to share here.  
Only poor little Dru wishes he lived somewhere else but I'm sure she will get used to him.
Little Henry is getting so grown up now, a six year old school boy in fact.  Sam and I took him to Adelaide in the school holidays and had a wonderful time.  My John and Sam's wife Adrienne both had to work, Wil was off with his friends so it was just the three of us.  The holiday was centred around Sam's love of trains but I did managed to sneak in a few encounters with beautiful animals, including seeing whales off Goolwa...absolutely thrilling.  We were travelling on the Cockle Train when whales were spotted, so they stopped the train for us to look.
Today's LINK to a fabulous free project is courtesy of super clever Bev of Flamingo Toes.
Thank you so much Bev.

Have a fun filled day


  1. I did not know that Henry had a big nice! the dog is so cute and definitely has a bit of Rottweiller in him/her! Rotts are very smart....I've had many and they are not overly 'barky'...only when necessary...I think they will be very happy with their new family member.
    The poem is beautiful and I was surprised when you said it was written in fits in today. Flamingo Toes is a new 'fav' now! I love those placemats and also that chair in the background and everything she does! Love her style....thank you! I want to make those placemats like NOW! LOL! Really loving your new blog too.

  2. Henry is growing so fast and what a lovely rescue dog he'll have so much fun with. Sounds like your holiday was very enjoyable.

  3. it's really amazing how dogs make themselves at home, fitting in like they've always been there. My 8 week old pup waltzed in the house and ran down the hall to the family room and plopped down! He took over the house at two months and now at 5 months really runs the show.


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