I'm part of a book tour...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

...and I'm very excited.

one of the first patterns to take my fancy in my lovely friend Sharon Burgess's book  - Quilting on the Go English Paper Piecing - was the gorgeous Radiant Quilt.
I knew I wanted to make my version from my stash, and I knew I wanted it scrappy, and I love reproduction fabrics so I decided that's exactly what my version would be.  It was great to have a pack of templates and papers to make everything easy.  Mine came from Imprezzio.  Please follow this LINK for papers and templates for Sharon's projects.
So first I went through my stash and started pulling out fabrics, always so much fun
then traced and glued the chosen fabrics to the templates just as Sharon shows in the Techniques section of her book.
I made the centre section in two halves then joined them together.
Next I added the kite shapes
and hooray one finished Radiant star for my quilt.  
I plan to make one of these each week and post them on my blog so I have a record of how my quilt grows.

Thank you so much to super talented Sharon for letting me participate in her Book Tour.  I hope you'll buy a copy of her fabulous first book.
Most of the ladies in my Thursday Sewing Group, the Queen Marys, have purchased the book so I'll keep you updated on their projects too.  So much fun.

Sharon has a delightful blog called Lillabelle Lane Creations.  If you follow this LINK you'll find instructions to make your own templates for English Paper Piecing.
While you are visiting Lillabelle Lane Creations, take a look at her version of La Passacaglia...absolutely amazing.

Have a delightful day


  1. Your blocks look great, Mel. I love the quilt you have chosen to work on.

  2. You really have found your passion in the paper piecing. Love your colours and the book looks absolutely perfect. I am looking forward to seeing it all come together it will be fabulous and thanks for the links.

  3. lovely new look! I look forward to following along.

  4. You have chosen some gorgeous fabrics there Melody. Looks like a great book. xx

  5. I just looooooove those blue fabrics xx

  6. I love all the fabrics you are using. It will be fun to look forward to your blocks and those of your friends. I definitely need that book...I didn't know you could glue them together? I bet that saves lots of time!


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